This year The Macedon Ranges Wine and Food Festival has organised some buses to take you around the venues over the weekend. Yay! These are a great value, safe and fun way to enjoy the festival this year. You have to buy your weekend Winery Pass for $20 and then you can choose a bus route for only $35 per day.   You can see and choose the various itineraries on trybooking.com/QHIZ . Book now as they will go fast.


Why did you choose Woodend and Kyneton train stations as the collection point for the buses?

As we are still trying out providing buses, we have chosen these stations based on what people told us they would like and also so that travellers can still come by train and join a bus once they are in the Macedon Ranges. The timing attempts to match with train arrivals and departures.

It has also helped us keep the costs down.  Do you realise that you can be driven around by bus all weekend and taste loads of delicious boutique wines for only $90? (Weekend Winery pass $20 + bus Saturday $35 + bus Sunday $35 = $90) That has the makings of an unforgettable weekend.

Why are the itineraries for each bus so different?

We are excited to offer buses this year for the festival but we also want to ensure that each venue is not overwhelmed with visitors. This means you will still have the chance to relax and enjoy the festive atmosphere. The buses are timed to comfortably visit the venues that are able to cater for buses.

The different itineraries also mean you can visit by bus on Saturday and Sunday and see different vineyards, wineries and venues each time.

Some itineraries include one of our HUBS where there are multiple vineyards holding tastings.

Why do some buses go to three venues and some buses go to four?

Some people like to settle right in and spend more time ‘hanging out’ at wineries and enjoying the people, entertainment and atmosphere. Others want to ensure they have the opportunity to visit more vineyards and taste more of the exceptional wines from the Macedon Ranges in the time they have. Both are perfectly good reasons to take a bus. You can choose.

Do I have to buy a Weekend Winery Pass or can I just buy a seat on the bus?

You don’t have to buy a weekend winery pass to come on the bus, but if you plan on tasting some wines over the festival weekend, you will need a Weekend Winery Pass. This pass is only $20 and can be used over the two days of the festival and comes with a special tasting glass.

Can I book a seat on a bus on Saturday and Sunday?

Yes! You only need to buy your Weekend Winery Pass once, but you can come by bus on both days.  That is one reason why we have set up different itineraries on each day from each destination.

Can I buy wine and take it back on the bus?

Hhmm! You will want to buy wine.  Many wineries will offer to deliver it to you if you buy it on the day – that is the easiest option. If you take it on the bus, remember that you will have to get it home from the drop off point at the end of the day. There will also only be very limited space.

These choices don’t really suit me. Can I get my own bus?

Here are some bus services that you can contact about arranging your own, or joining another, tour:

  1. Wine Tours Victoria – Trevor Armstrong.  winetours.com.au    or 1800 winetours
  2. Midland Travel Tours & Cruise – Lauren Granbeau   Info@midlandtc.com.au
  3. Food & wine tour   – Jeremy Redmond  anttouring.com.au or 0409 650 886


The venues are open between 10am and 5pm over both days of the festival.

*All of the venues that are part of the Macedon Ranges Wine and Food Festival practise the responsible service of alcohol.


Keep asking us your Qs – you are probably not the only one wanting to know so it will be a big help to us.

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